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The 7 spiritual laws of success.

Learn about The Seven Universal Laws of HAPPINESS AND Success.

We are all in search of abundance in our life. We want to succeed. We want prosperity and success on all levels: finance, health, relationships or projects.

The goals we want to reach are both in the material and immaterial world, such as being able to love, being able to experience joy and spread it around. It’s about the happy feeling that your life serves a purpose, and the feeling of being in touch with the creative power of the universe.

The stronger we feel this connection, the more we can enjoy the abundance of the universe, a universe that is willing to satisfy our wishes and desires.
When this connection with the universe is broken, we end up suffering.
It is the divine intention for every person to create unlimited success and happiness in life.

The invisible intelligence behind the visible world controls nature and follows 7 spiritual laws. If we follow these 7 laws of success then we are capable of achieving our wishes without effort or difficulty, just like it happens in nature.

Learning about these laws connects you with the mechanism of creation and applying the laws to your own life enables you to create abundance in any area. The laws are the key that opens the door of Infinite Power, a power that is also yours.

The 7 universal laws that rule nature do not concern just a few individuals. They apply to everyone and everything, at all times. During this course every law is explained in detail and you learn how to apply them to the practical situations of daily life. Based on the book of Deepak Chopra.

The seven SPIRITUAL laws of success

1. The Law of Pure Potential
2. The Law of Giving
3. The Law of Karma (cause and effect)
4. The Law of Least Resistance
5. The Law of Intention and Desire
6. The Law of Letting Go
7. The Law of Dharma (the purpose in life)

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