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filled with enthusiasm, succes, innerpeace and joy!

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Nourish your soul

by following from time to time a workshop about personal and/or spiritual development

Different kind of workshops, all in the field of personal, psychological and spiritual development, are organized through the year, mostly in Belgium and Greece.

Do you feel like organizing a workshop at your place? It's free for you as soon as you have a place available to put a minimum of 8, maximum of 15 people together and if you provide water, coffee/tea/biscuits and a light lunch at noon at the day of the workshop.

Contact me for the details or for more information about my workshops.

Every year we organize also workshops at the Greek island ANDROS.

Overview of workshops

  • 12 steps to Abundance. CREATE WEALTH ON ALL LEVELS Even spiritually oriented people need to learn how to deal with the reality of money. Some people on their way to spiritual awareness start negl... Read more →

  • Be the master of your own energy. Learn how to take control of your own energy and development. This workshop is based on the book “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield. It’s a workshop for spir... Read more →

  • Flower therapy by Dr. Bach. EMOTIONAL HEALTH WITH BACH FLOWERS. This therapy was created by Dr. Bach, a renowned bacteriologist and homeopathic doctor. The basic principle of the flower therapy is tha... Read more →

  • Free your potential and create success! HOW TO SET GOALS AND REACH THEM. Everyone has the ability to be successful. You are no exception! You can reach every goal you dedicate yourself to! Why do 97% of people n... Read more →

  • Inner joy and peace. TRANSFORM CONFLICTS INTO PEACE AND JOY. Many people’s lives are filled with conflicts they don’t know how to resolve. These inner conflicts disturb their sleep, nag th... Read more →

  • Metamorphic massage. FREE YOUR LIFE ENERGY. This massage of feet, hands and head – originally called « antenatal massage » – aims to remove energetic blockades that keep us from moving, c... Read more →

  • Morphopsychology. Study of the 51 traits of face and body. The 51 traits in face and body studied in this course match the neurological zones in the brain and determine by our behaviour. Our... Read more →

  • The 7 spiritual laws of success. Learn about The Seven Universal Laws of HAPPINESS AND Success. We are all in search of abundance in our life. We want to succeed. We want prosperity and success on all leve... Read more →

  • The power of your thoughts. CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESIRE WITH THE POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS. This course let's you discover the power of your thoughts teaches how to use this power to create the life youI ... Read more →

  • What is the purpose of your life? FIND THE DEEPER MEANING OF YOUR LIFE. Why am I alive ? What is the reason of my being here on Earth? What am I good for? What direction should I take in my life? As a hu... Read more →