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Corona - the crowning of the human stupidity or the great catch-up

Corona is all over the news and many people are afraid. I'm not going to talk about numbers and predictions here, but let's take a look at what is moving under the surface and in what direction, and how it can benefit humanity. Apart from the difficulties with the disease itself and the inability to visit each other and other painful situations - which I absolutely do not want to minimize here ...

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Let me express my appreciation to you Ineke. I am a reader and had read thousands of writers, but you have a different gift inside you. I cannot explain it in my words. There words and ideas you wrote that I heard for the first time. Thank you. - Bishop Bing
Ineke wow all your articles are so powerful. I will preach these on Sundays to my people. I am so happy. You have a unique gift of teaching.- Bishop Bing from the Philipines