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You’ve got a problem, an unresolved situation, worries or other difficulties and you would like to talk about it with a professional, without leaving your home? This is possible!

You can arrange for a personal session and then we can more fully explore the conditions and the related personal aspects of your problems and what might be the appropriate new actions. It is generally far easier to see the other person's nose than it is to see our own. We will discuss what you can do to relieve your stress and to return to a peaceful mind and heart.

These sessions generally last about an hour and we can do them via skype or via your regular phone. But first you need to send me an email ( with your name, the date of your birth and the reason of your call (what is it that bothers you). We can arrange a day and time which suits both of us. Here you can see how late it is at your place and at mine (I’m in Belgium or in Greece).

How can you contact me for a session?

  • with your telephone or mobile: after receiving your email, I will give you the phone number where you can reach me.
  • through Skype: add my Skype addres to your contacts (inekevanlint). If you’re not a Skype member yet, go and register here : It’s free and as soon you’re registered you can talk for free all over the world.
  • facebook: look me up at Facebook (Enthousiasme) and contact me for a consultation.

Warning: consultations at distance should be paid in advace. Only after having received the payment, the consultation can take place. Thanks for understanding.

How can you pay?

  • by Paypal: you deposit the amount in my Paypal account ( If you don’t have a Paypal account yet, you can ask one here :
  • by Bank deposit: after receiving your email, I’ll send you my bank account number where you can deposit the amount.