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Wish you were here (21/03/21)


Take a very warm bath.

A hot bath, with a lot of foam.

Put some music on (I recommend Pink Floyd’s Whish you were here)

Take a glass very cold white wine (I recommend Chardonnay).

Light some candles.

Let yourself glide into the hot water.

And then, stop thinking.

Just feel.

Feel how light you become.

Feel how the water carries you.

Feel the vibes.

The vibes of being alive.

The vibes of being sensitive.

The vibes of the splendid music.

The vibes of your life!

And then, visualize who you would like to invite into the room.

Wish you were here.

Who would you wish to be there?

Don’t wish for another person to be there.

I recommend you invite your Higher Self.

Invite your Future Self.

Invite the Best Version of Your Self.

Let this Future, Higher, Best Self talk to you.

What does it has to say to you?

Mine says this:

“My dear Ineke,

If you could feel how much I love you!

You would never feel hurt anymore.

You would never feel alone again.

Not one split of a second.

My love for you is beyond the moon (take that litterally).

And back. Because my love for you is everywhere, and always.

You don’t need anything else in your life.

All is there.

I am there.

I am here with you.

You and me, we are the same.

Time does not exist, you heard that before.

It’s true.

You and me, we are ONE.

Oneness Nothing Else. ONE.

All is love.

I am Love.

You are Love.

So everything is fine.

Just relax, enjoy the vibes.

You are so deeply loved my darling.”

Oh my God.

I know your Higher Self, your Future Self, says the same to you.

Invite it.

And listen.

And then, the only thing you have to do is to relax.

And enjoy.

That’s what they say:

“We give you so much.

So much love, so much beauty.

Open your eyes and watch.

Open your ears and listen.

Open your heart and love.

Open your senses and enjoy.

You are so so blessed.

You are so so loved.

Never ever doubt that again.”

Wish you were here. You are.


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