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I learned silk painting from a Costa-Rican woman during my five-year stay in Africa. It hit me like a virus, I had to paint and I couldn't stop! A few months after my first lesson, I was teaching silk painting myself in my huge house, every morning, in 4 different languages to 8 different nationalities! I gave my first exposition there and sold almost everything I hade made the last few months. I was a huge success!

After the birth of our second child, we decided to go back to Belgium, where I went on painting and doing expositions and giving workshops myself for different groups. After moving to the south of the country, I still give workshops to children and adults, until... I almost didn't notice it, but my huge passion for painting swifted to a huge passion for writing!

Below you will find an overview of some of my silk paintings. I still have some paintings to sell, so if you are interested in buying a painting, let me know.

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Overview of my silk paintings