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I'm born in Ghent, Belgium, where I've lived during my childhood and finished my University Studies in Psychology. I stayed a few more years to work, until Life called me to Africa, where I met my (belgian) husband and stayed for five wonderful years. I was so lucky to meet my seven servants and create a wonderful inspiring relationship with them. They told me a lot about Life, connection with the Ancestors, the Laws of Living, helping each other, social communities and especially Joy. They don't need fancy houses and big cars to have that beautiful smile on their face and laugh from the bottom of their belly.

I learned in the same time silk painting from a woman of Costa Rica. I was 'struck' by the microbe of painting and painted night and day. I gave workshops and expositions with a huge success. After the birth of our second child, we went back to Belgium, it was like a calling. I had read the book 'You can heal your life' from Louise Hay and wanted to know everything about diseases and how we create them, since I had developped a lot of severe illnesses during my young adulthood and wanted to understand how I did. So I went on a never ending journey of learning, of attending workshops and teachings about Touch for Health, Kinesiology, the meaning of diseases, Brain Gym, Metamorphic Massage, Bach Flower Therapy, Call (accelerated learning), eutonie, relaxation training from Schulz, Brief Solution Oriented Therapy, and many more. I obtained the diploma of "International Facilitator in Kinesiology", "Brain Gym Instructor" and " Bach Flower Therapist".

In the meantime I had four children and lived in the South of Belgium, the french speaking part, where I live now already for 20 years. My mothertongue is Dutch. I speak fluently French and English and German. I've learned Luxemburgish and Italian too, and started to learn Spanish and now Greek. None of those last four languages I speak, lack of practice. But what not is yet, can come.

Last couple of years I didn't paint so much anymore, cause I have a new hobby: writing books. I'm busy writing my tenth book in Dutch. All of them are translated in French, three of them in English. You can find my books here.

I run my own practice as psychologist in the South of Belgium and also in Ghent, my home town, calling me to come back. I give a lot of different workshops in Belgium, the Netherlands, and in Greece, where I have my second home, on a very beautiful island named Andros. You can have a look here at our house that is for rent during the times we are not there.

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i came on earth to empower you to be your own brilliant self

Dear special friend, are you…a seeker? Yes, you are!

You may have spent years looking for answers to your deepest questions. Or you could be at the beginning of your journey towards wholeness, and are struggling to find the questions to ask. Or perhaps, like most people, you’re somewhere in between these two: you’re searching for something deep and meaningful…but you don’t quite know what it is. You just know that you’re searching…or that something is pulling you in a new, fresh direction.

My dear guest : that direction is right here, right now! Welcome one and all to, “where seekers become finders.”

On this very unique website, you’ll find insights, ideas, techniques, and caring advice that will help you find what you’re searching for – not “out there”, but within you and your unique, special life.

In addition, unlike many “self-help” portals on the web these days, is created, owned and brought to you by a qualified, certified, and actively practicing psychologist. This means that the brilliant gems you’ll find on this website are thoughtfully shared with you by someone who devotes her whole life to helping others shape and create their lives of destiny. It’s this kind of personal, compassionate and credible quality that flows through every word you’ll read…and every feeling that will arise in your body, mind and soul.

Everybody strives for physical, spiritual and emotional health. Every human being wants to feel useful, wants to feel that his life has meaning, and wants to fulfill his desires.

My mission is to reconnect you with Your Inner Strength , so that you can be in charge of your life, feel your energy flow again and re-discover the joy in your life. The result of all that? ENTHUSIASM.

I help you discover the convictions and behaviors that block you on your way to health, joy, freedom and happiness. I show you how to get rid of them, how to discover what you really really want in life, how to fix your goals and how to realize your dreams.

My approach, even inspired by spirituality, is down to earth. I practice Brief Solution Oriented Therapy. No long useless analyses, but straight to the point. After all, you want to feel better and know what to do, isn't it?

If you need a talk, an advice, a problem solving approach to your problem, contact me here for a Skype session.

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