Find the purpose of your life and create a new life,
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What is the purpose of your life?


Why am I alive ? What is the reason of my being here on Earth? What am I good for? What direction should I take in my life?

As a human being it is important to feel needed and useful. We long to set targets in our life, goals that give our life meaning, something that motivate us to get up in the morning and get going.
The question is not: “What does life have to offer me?” but rather “What do I have to offer Life?” Fulfillment comes when we offer our natural talents to others.

Every soul is a necessary link in the wholeness of the universe and has a unique and specific mission to accomplish in the cosmic theatre. It is every individual’s responsibility to discover and complete his task. Abundance goes to those who seek in earnest.

  • If living hurts;
  • if you don’t feel peaceful inside;
  • if you have the feeling that “there has to be more than this”;
  • if you continuously ask questions about the meaning of life;
  • if you are plagued by unrest and uncertainty;
  • if you feel unhappy about choices you have made in life;
  • if you have reached crossroads but don’t know which direction to turn;
  • if feel over-worked and bad-tempered, even while you seem to have everything to be happy;
  • if feel your life is filled with all kinds of things you don’t really like.

Then you haven’t found the purpose of your life yet and this training course is exactly what you need!

This course is a practical program consisting of 40 concrete exercises that guide you to discover the goal of your life. You uncover your personality, your critical mistakes, your true nature, your most important talents (of which your have 4 key talents), your temperament and the central question in your life.

See it as a journey of exploration to discover yourself. You are important in this world. To search for one’s real self is a wondrous adventure that does requiring some courage. But the time and energy you invest in this journey will bring you the biggest reward: fulfillment and joy in life, all the while doing what you enjoy doing most.

Find out the deeper meaning of your life in this self-help book with 44 exercices: What is the purpose of your life?

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