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Study of the 51 traits of face and body.

The 51 traits in face and body studied in this course match the neurological zones in the brain and determine by our behaviour. Our facial traits show who we really are and how we function, how we think, how we feel and how we react in our relationships.

The differences in facial traits of different people explain the differences in their behaviour, their way of thinking, their expression of emotions and their reaction to different events in life. The differences cause many misunderstandings and problems of communication.

Every time we establish contact with somebody then it is our traits and their functions that ‘talk’. It is our instinctive reaction to the traits of other people that determines the nature and quality of our relation to other people.
The knowledge of these face and body traits is the fastest way to understand somebody’s behaviour. Once we recognise this behaviour, we then have the choice to accept it rather than taking things personally, or to see the behaviour as a lack of love from the other.

Acceptance creates freedom.

Once we understand who we really are, we become more genuine and authentic and we raise our own well-being. We have the feeling of ‘coming home’ to ourselves and finally being able to become who we already are!
We can stop wanting to be someone else than we are, and instead claim and express our own individuality.

Are you more a person of action than a person of thinking? Do you talk before thinking, or do you think too much so that you never come to act? Do you have innate self-confidence, or do you still have to build it along the way? Are you ready to fight, or do you let others run over you? Are you very sensitive, handy, tense, empathic, extrovert, reserved, original or intuitive? This course provides answers to all of these questions and more.
Did you choose the profession that really fits you? If not, what profession does?
You can see the answer for yourself when you look into the mirror!

There are 9 Thinking traits (function of the forehead); 3 Action traits (parietal function), 13 Feeling/Emotion traits (function of the back of the head); 14 Automatic Expression traits (face mask); 4 Physical traits (bone, skin and muscles) and 8 Actual Outlook traits (wrinkles and other features showing habitual patterns).

For this workshop it is recommended to bring a mirror and a lot of pictures of yourself and your family members, both recent and from the past.

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