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Flower therapy by Dr. Bach.


This therapy was created by Dr. Bach, a renowned bacteriologist and homeopathic doctor. The basic principle of the flower therapy is that physical illness is born from psychological problems. Therefore the patient should be treated, and not the physical disease.

This flower therapy focuses on repairing the mental and emotional balance of the person, since it is this unbalance that causes the disease.

Dr. Bach discovered 38 negative states of mind that match certain archetypes.

He classified them into 7 groups:

1. Fear
2. Uncertainty and doubt
3. Lack of interest for the here and now
4. Loneliness
5. Possessiveness and being hard on others
6. Hypersensitivity to negative influences and judgment by others
7. Despair and discouragement


These negative emotions prevent us from enjoying life happily and fully, they deviate us from our path and lead to illness.

By ingesting the positive and harmonising energy from the appropriate flower and by developing the virtue that matches the remedy (e.g. courage instead of fear) stress disappears and also the illness it caused.

Dr. Bach called his 38 remedies the ‘emotional pharmacy’. He emphasised that this method should be kept simple and accessible to all.

This course thoroughly introduces the properties of each of the flowers, and teaches you how to apply them to yourself, your family and friends.

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