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The power of your thoughts.


This course let's you discover the power of your thoughts teaches how to use this power to create the life youI desire.

We all have a deeper intelligence inside that reacts to our thoughts and intentions and will create precisely what we ask for.
This intelligence provides for health when we think healthy.
This intelligence gives us inner peace when we think peacefully.
This intelligence leads us to success when we want it and focus our thoughts on it.

If we want to achieve different things in our lives than what we see around us, then we must change our way of thinking.

This process of creation of our life happens in exactly the same way as creation of nature and of everything in the universe.
It’s important to understand how our thoughts create our world and how this creation process functions. Once understood, we can use the process to create the highest good for us and for others.

Every thought is an energy that always wants to manifest itself !

It’s the quality of our thoughts that determines the quality of our lives.

Workshop program

  • Thoughts are forces
  • Our thoughts create our lives and our health
  • Why do our thoughts have the power to create?
  • How can we use our thoughts to heal?
  • How can we develop new mental habits?
  • Every effect has a cause
  • Life gives us what we ask for
  • The flow of energy
  • The importance of making choices
  • The human being is an extension of the Infinite Intelligence
  • We have the same power as the Infinite Universe
  • What is the only creative process?
  • The threefold nature of the Infinite
  • Why does man create disease?
  • Awareness is the key to healing
  • The aim of each treatment is to do away with false belief systems.
  • Our bodies are a manifested form of thought energy
  • Go beyond the problems, instead of fleeing or fighting them
  • Treatment for special cases: love, relationships, money, health, professional success, home, destructive habits
  • The healing consciousness


Sounds very interesting

Chris Harry

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