Find the purpose of your life and create a new life,
filled with enthusiasm, succes, innerpeace and joy!

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Inner joy and peace.


Many people’s lives are filled with conflicts they don’t know how to resolve.
These inner conflicts disturb their sleep, nag their head and heart and undermine their health. Without realising it, too much attention is given to the ego, an ego that uses fear, rejection and guilt to stay in power and control.

This workshop helps you to transform feelings of helplessness and, in 10 steps, replace them by feelings of inner peace and inner joy, the latter being the real definition of success.

10 STEPS to CREATE inner peace and joy

There are 10 ways to help find inner peace and joy and they are within everyone’s reach! Excerpt from the book of Wayne Dyer

1. Open your mind to everything, don’t get attached to anything.
2. Find your passion, your life’s mission, and your reason for living.
3. First develop inside yourself that which you want to give to others.
4. Befriend silence.
5. Let go of your personal history.
6. Change your way of resolving conflicts.
7. Refuse feelings of offense or indignation.
8. Behave like the person you want to be.
9. Forget your ego and cherish your divine soul.
10. Avoid any weakening thoughts.

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