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12 steps to Abundance.


Even spiritually oriented people need to learn how to deal with the reality of money. Some people on their way to spiritual awareness start neglecting economical affairs. But these people also need to learn that fulfilling their mission on Earth still requires financial means.

It’s an art to use money as a tool to achieve an elevated goal, instead of making money into the goal itself.
Money is a creative energy and the underlying dynamics that govern money flow is the same as for any other source of assistance, such as energy, love, time, friendship, food and health. There is only one set of rules to learn : those of the spiritual, universal laws, to which all physical life obeys.

To create material and emotional abundance in your life, 12 steps need to be followed.
This is not a method you apply once and for all, like a vaccine that renders you immune. It is a collection of thoughts, attitudes and behaviours that promote your psychological and spiritual development.

Applying these 12 steps in a steadily and continuous fashion will unleash a wave of abundance into your life.

To know and avoid the traps of the ego helps you to stay afloat in the wave of abundance and to maintain your happiness.

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