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Metamorphic massage.


This massage of feet, hands and head – originally called « antenatal massage » – aims to remove energetic blockades that keep us from moving, changing, acting and building our life.

During the antenatal period, due to the position of the foetus, the spine of the foetus is constantly in contact with the womb and registers every internal movement and emotion of the mother and the surroundings.

This antenatal scheme can be retrieved from the reflex points of the spine that also carries the memory of all elements the foetus brought into this life and that he wants to handle as a person.

The spinal reflex points are found on the feet, the hands and the head. These zones are subjected to massage in order to free the person’s Life Energy.

Knowing that past events are still alive within us and are locked into the body structure, we can loosen up the body structure using massage and free the person’s Life Energy. This enables him to transform and release whatever pain from the past that is blocking him.

This massage allows us to work on energy from the past and release psycho-energetic blockades, resulting in a person free to enjoy a maximum of opportunities in this life.

It is the self-healing ability of the person that is awakened and activated. This massage technique has no medical restrictions and can be applied by anyone and on anyone.

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