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Free your potential

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Free your potential

Free Your Potential and Create Success (e-book)

This book also exists as a print book.

Where did you go? Who did you become? Why aren't you living the life that you were born to live?

“Real life” has a habit of silencing our pure, authentic inner voice. When we were younger, we fought against this. We rebelled. We resisted. We struggled and fought. We did what we could to protect our gentle flame of potential from flickering out.

But…so-called “real life” seemed like too big of an obstacle, and it eroded our pure, inner voice the way a rushing stream carves away at a rocky cliff – not all at once, but slowly and gradually, day by day, week by week, month by month…year by year…until we hardly notice what has been lost. All we know is that something that used to exist, is no more. And we also know – at the deepest level of our being – that a tragedy beyond words has occurred.


In that same inner depth, where nothing in the “real world” could ever touch, something HAS remained. It’s not the small flame that our choices and challenges has snuffed out. It’s the very SOURCE of that flame. It’s the witnessing presence that has been waiting for your attention.

My dear friend, YOU may have forgotten your inner voice, but it has never forgotten YOU. Not for a single moment.

Now, each moment of your existence, your POTENTIAL waits deep inside, patiently, earnestly, longing for you to take that beautiful FIRST STEP. You need not travel the entire distance. You simply need to take the first step, and then watch as your potential come RUSHING towards you, back to life, like a loyal, long-lost friend.

Today, right now, it’s my tremendous DELIGHT to help you take that first step. It’s in my profound ebook, “FREE YOUR POTENTIAL AND CREATE SUCCESS.” Filled with wisdom, guidance, insights and 60 powerful exercises to activate your potential, this remarkably gentle ebook is READY for you to explore and embrace.

Find the answers to questions that you need to know – now more than ever.

  • How can you live the life that you were BORN to live?
  • What is your SPECIAL gift?
  • How can you activate your UNIQUE talent?
  • What is your DISCTINCTIVE song?
  • How can you contribute to the world around you

Indeed, you may not have asked these kinds of questions for YEARS – and you may even be a little afraid to ask them now. My friend, what you’re feeling is NOT fear. Far from it! What you’re actually feeling is the bliss of ANTICIPATION! Deep within you, the seeds of your unique potential are stirring with delight. They know that it’s time to cultivate; to grow; to FREE YOUR POTENTIAL!

Now is the time. FREE YOUR POTENTIAL and grace the world around you by becoming the person you were MEANT to become -- the person that you are going to NOW become!

All you need to do is take the first step. That’s all you’ve EVER needed to do. Now, with my book, YOU CAN!

Content of this book (91 pages):

  • The 5 secrets of success
  • The 3 steps of preparation
  • The 8 barriers that keep you from being successful
  • The 7 techniques to transform destructive thoughts
  • The 4 ways to handle negative emotions
  • The 9 steps to clearly determine your goals
  • The 8 ways to get started and stay focused
  • The 12 best techniques to stay motivated
  • The 9 ways to obtain financial success
  • The 11 habits of success

Whatever it is you want to obtain, this course will learn you how to achieve it!

You are guided through 60 specific exercises, which can be applied to any particular goal you want to reach.

You have the power to change your life!

  • Secure online payment
  • Download link immediately sent via e-mail
  • PDF and EPUB files included
  • Secure online payment
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Ineke wow all your articles are so powerful. I will preach these on Sundays to my people. I am so happy. You have a unique gift of teaching.- Bishop Bing from the Philipines
Let me express my appreciation to you Ineke. I am a reader and had read thousands of writers, but you have a different gift inside you. I cannot explain it in my words. There words and ideas you wrote that I heard for the first time. Thank you. - Bishop Bing