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Be Yourself and Love Yourself

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Be Yourself and Love Yourself

Be Yourself and Love Yourself

You are the shepherd of your own energy. What vibration do you prefer: high or low? It’s up to you to leave what feels bad and stick to what feels good. It’s up to you to clean up your energy field. Nothing too complex, just regular maintenance.

The far most best and permanent way to stay in touch with the Source of Energy is to stay on track. Energy is always available, but you have to be aligned with your tracks before you can receive it. So where is your track? The answer is: it’s your mission. Your track is the realization of your goal, your reason for being here on earth.

You have a Life Plan. You have a Life Goal. This is the road you need to travel, this is the way you need to go, this is the track you need to follow. You have your talents to discover, to develop and to offer to the world. At the same time you need to nurture yourself.

Being YOU is the only way you can be!

God knows you will have plenty of energy once you start just being yourself and taking your own dreams seriously! Follow your guts, sting to your dreams, learn how to fix and achieve your goals, don’t interfere with the life plan of others, stick to your own assignment and make it the priority of your life.

You will receive in return a lot of gifts : energy, enthusiasm, joy, peace, fun, health, wealth, love, the sense of a deeper meaning of your life and the satisfaction of having found your purpose. Looks good, isn’t it? Or do you prefer to be that struggling person waiting for the next disaster to happen, wallowing in despair and self pity?

The choice is yours! The effort needed for both ways of living is the same. Positive or negative, your choice!

The only satisfaction and joy lies in the fact of living your life at YOUR terms, of BEING YOUR TRUE SELF.

Don’t waste your life by trying to live up the demands of others and automatically repeating the roles others designed for you. Your life is yours. It’s up to you to live it. It’s your responsibility to live it at your terms. It’s your job to unfold your true nature.

Let your life revolve around what it is that you have on offer for this world, and not around how sad and unfair life is treating you! Be involved in re-dis-covering your spiritual core, your true nature. This is a way of life that will bring you joy, love, health and satisfaction!

The worst thing in life is to realize at your last minute on this earth that your life has been a waste. To avoid this awful feeling, think about how you want to feel that very moment you will move to another state of soul and make the necessary changes in your life right away!

In order to get these juices flowing again, you have to stop doing what does not work for you. Stop doing all those things that drain your energy and make you feel empty. Get rid of relationships, food and activities that do not build you up! Stop doing whatever it is that makes you tired, irritated and grumpy and start doing whatever it is that lifts your energy level up!

I hope you will transform the negative efforts you use to maintain a life of low energy vibrations into positive efforts to learn how to create a successful fulfilling life. Good luck!

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  • Secure online payment
  • Download link immediately sent via e-mail
  • PDF and EPUB files included

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Ineke wow all your articles are so powerful. I will preach these on Sundays to my people. I am so happy. You have a unique gift of teaching.- Bishop Bing from the Philipines
Let me express my appreciation to you Ineke. I am a reader and had read thousands of writers, but you have a different gift inside you. I cannot explain it in my words. There words and ideas you wrote that I heard for the first time. Thank you. - Bishop Bing