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About Frustration and Satisfaction

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About Frustration and Satisfaction

About Frustration and Satisfaction

Are you feeling frustrated most of the time? Don't worry, I know what it is. I felt like a failure for a big part of my life. I had a college degree, a husband, four children, a beautiful house, good friends, overseas holidays, cute pets, many certificates and diplomas and especially a lot of frustration. I had everything and still felt very tired and frustrated.

I was going nowhere, thinking that everybody was successful except me. I tried to convince myself that I could not be successful with so many kids to look after, but then this reminded me of my mother, who never did anything with her talents and energy “because of the children”.

I decided that was a lousy excuse, so I had to find another, more plausible excuse, but couldn’t find any. My frustration was building up to the size of a mountain. I got more and more scattered, feeling like I was cut up in a hundred pieces: one going this way, another going that way, still another going elsewhere and all together going nowhere.

Do you recognize the feeling? It was terrible and with every passing birthday it got worse. I was DOING a lot of things, I was always BUSY, but getting nowhere.

People saw me as a very talented person, but I felt like a chicken with its head cut off, heading in any and all directions at the same time. I was angry and agitated, running around like a very busy woman, seemingly “getting on top of everything,” but the truth is I was haunted by the idea of kicking the bucket BEFORE it all got started! Really, I was afraid that everything would be over and done with, before I had the chance to live MY life!

So there I was, with all of my talents spread out before me, and nothing happening. Only frustration.

So the key element that was missing was this: a clear goal! An idea of where I wanted to go with my life. My mission, my life’s purpose. Who was I? Why was I here? WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY LIFE? Only bringing up my children? Why was I still so frustrated?

I asked myself this very important question :

“If you loved yourself, how would you spend you day? What does it need to live as if you loved yourself?

I also asked myself: "What is withholding you? Is it a person, a belief, the circumstances?"

I realized I had to make some changes in my life if I would ever transform my frustration into satisfaction. I did! Because I thought that the worst thing in life for me would be to realize at my last minute on this earth that my life has been a waste.

So I started to look for my purpose in life and came to this conclusion: finding the purpose of your life and to accomplishing it in this lifetime is surely the most exciting and satisfying way there is to live. If you experience this, you’ll feel a deep sense of belonging, integration, and importance because you know that your life is one piece of the “Big Puzzle of Life.”

You realize that you are not living an aimless, drifting life of random events. You are needed. Without you fulfilling your purpose, there would be an empty space in God’s Plan.

There are infinite ways to bring love into this world! What is YOUR UNIQUE way?

Read more about this subject in the e-book "About Frustration and Satisfaction", immediately available in your mailbox for only $ 15 (€ 11). Grab your copy right now!


  • Secure online payment
  • Download link immediately sent via e-mail
  • PDF and EPUB files included

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Ineke wow all your articles are so powerful. I will preach these on Sundays to my people. I am so happy. You have a unique gift of teaching.- Bishop Bing from the Philipines
Let me express my appreciation to you Ineke. I am a reader and had read thousands of writers, but you have a different gift inside you. I cannot explain it in my words. There words and ideas you wrote that I heard for the first time. Thank you. - Bishop Bing