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The Eleven Habits Of Successful People

Make a habit of being successful.

Successful people are people who have creative habits for success.

People who are not successful are people who have miserable habits that don’t bring any success to them and that keep them away from success no matter how much they want it.

Desiring success is not enough. You have to act in a way that matches what you want. Wanting one thing and moving in the opposite direction will not get you close to success.

The difference between people who have a lot of success in their life and people who live a monotonous and minimal life, lies in their habits.

“Those who are successful are simply those who have successful habits.”

What are these habits?

  1. Be passionate!
    You need to find your passion, your reason for living! Find it! Increase your level of enthusiasm. Be excited about something. Get into an activity that you are passionate about. The world will be grateful to you, because it needs you at your best, not at your worst. Monotony does not lead to success, it’s rather a sign that you are moving away from your true self and your goal. If you have no clue about your passion, this website is the right place to start discovering about it! You'll find numerous free articles, free introductory courses and ebooks in our secure online bookshop!
  2. Stay focused on the final result
    Stay focused on your goal, especially if you find yourself facing things you don’t feel like doing now. Know that if you do them it will get you closer to your success.

    Successful people focus on the results, not on the process! They know that the process may sometimes be hard but they keep their attention focused on the result that they want to obtain. Don’t stress over the “chores” to accomplish, but stay focused on the “final picture.”

    Think about the pleasure and the satisfaction that you will feel once your goal is reached. Think of the end result. Don’t think about the next step that could be awful or tiring. Look at the final result and stay focused on it.
  3. Learn how to manage your time!
    Don’t kill time, but use it in a way that will benefit you. This is how to do it:

    Don’t do just whatever. Don’t let yourself be used by everyone else. Don’t accept being interrupted without reason. Refuse re-occurring interruptions by your colleagues, your kids or your problems, consuming all your attention. Stop trying to please all those people who believe you can take care of every person who asks for it.

    Your time is precious. It’s your ally on your way to success. Be aware of the way you spend your time. To whom do you give it? Why? For what activity? It’s a choice you have to make consciously.
  4. Every evening, make a list of the tasks to do the next day.
    Every evening, before you go to sleep, take some time to write down the tasks (five or six is enough) that you absolutely have to do the next day, in order of importance. The next day, complete the first thing, erase it, then the second, etc. It’s a simple method but it’s very efficient to stop procrastinating, slowing down or postponing.
  5. Don’t wait until you’re perfect before you start!
    You are trained to think you have to be perfect before starting anything. This is a very big error! What matters is to act. The “feedback” that you get will help you improve. We learn by trial and error. So get off your couch and offer your product or service to the world. Get started. You don’t need to be perfect. You can always make your product or service better later on, but what counts now is to start!
  6. Persevere, don’t quit!
    It’s easy to try things out, it’s easy to check new ideas. It’s easy to go to the gym once. It’s easy to stop smoking. Everything is easy when you do it just once. But success lies in doing something consistently, in continuing and persevering. Otherwise your goal will never be reached, your dreams will drown and you will become disappointed. Success lies in following through. You will get where you want to be, if you are consistent in your effort.
  7. Take care of yourself.
    Try to understand how the world works: value for value. We exchange one value for another. We exchange a service for money, for example. When we want something, we pay for it or exchange services. Stop providing services without getting anything in return. This does not work because people will take advantage of your kindness. Sell a product, provide a solution to a problem, add value to the market, and make sure you get paid for it! Don’t be afraid to ask money for what you sell or offer. Determine the value of your service or product and ask the money it is worth.
  8. Say yes to life, say yes to the opportunities that show up.
    Always say “yes” to the opportunities that show up, even if you are scared. By saying “yes,” you go forward, you learn, you meet new people, you confirm your goal, and you progress on your way towards success. By saying “no” you remain imprisoned in your comfort zone and you don’t progress, you don’t grow. Growing, getting bigger, getting higher is saying “yes” to life!
  9. Find yourself a coach.
    Don’t try to find everything out just by yourself. Everyone needs help. Try to regularly learn from friends who know how to inspire and guide you. Look especially for advice from professionals who have done it all before, and who know what it’s like to take the road to success. A coach holds you accountable. He will offer you solutions where you can’t see them. He will guide you through the journey towards your success.
  10. Don’t forget: the magic word that makes the world go around is "ACTION"!
    You could read thousands of books or go to many seminars, but nothing will change in your life until you actually start moving. Everything will stay the same as long as you don’t act. Start something, don’t wait to be perfect, do it now! It’s the key word for success: action!
  11. Repeat, repeat, repeat!
    It’s not by doing a workshop or following a course once that your life will completely change. It’s the perseverant and continuous application that will create the right mindset and bring change and success to your life. As the saying goes: “Success doesn’t happen overnight.” Success does not fall into your lap while you are sleeping. It requires effort.

You have to really want it and work to get it!

You have to regularly repeat the new ideas and methods you learn. It’s like learning a new language: it requires a lot of investment, practice, repetition, perseverance, time and energy.

As you learn to use a new language in your mind, you will also learn a new way of doing things: the way of success. Success is a habit. You can program yourself towards success the same way you programmed yourself towards failure: by repetition.

Now it’s up to you! You are worthy of success in everything you do!

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