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What is your calling?

Your calling is your highest purpose on earth.

Your calling is not merely a job or a profession, but it means your highest purpose on earth.

Does everyone has a calling or is it just for the “chosen”, the “elite”? Yes! And is everyone else doomed to live a mediocre life of quiet desperation? No!

Luckily our Universe is not that cruel. Everybody has a calling, a special unique assignment. This assignment is something you LIKE to do, something that is EASY for you, something that brings you JOY and ENTHUSIASM.

In fact the feeling of enthusiasm is the best criterion for knowing if you are aligned with your purpose or not. Your purpose brings you tremendous joy. It uplifts you to a higher dimension, where a float of divine energy conspires with you to make your calling, your dream happen.

Everyone has a purpose. Your life is not an accident (even if you came here “without knocking at the door”). The fact that you exist is PROOF that you must be here and that the Universe needs you AS YOU ARE.

And the beauty of this System is that everyone has also been generously empowered with the talents necessary to fulfill his mission. What better way could we have thought of?

You have a unique mission. You received talents to fulfill this mission. Fulfilling your mission is the greatest contribution to the world you can make, and it is at the same time the greatest possible spiritual growth you can make.

While searching and fulfilling your mission, you become the best person you could ever be. You become the greatest you, the most divine version of yourself.

Is it difficult and hard to follow your mission? Not at all! It is the easiest path to follow, the path that produces the most wonderful and amazing results. In fact there is no other path which gives you that amount of joy, happiness, fulfillment, enthusiasm and energy.

Ok I hear you say, but I need also food and money, I can not live from heavenly feelings only. Well, the good news is that everything you will need for the fulfillment of your mission, will be given to you. The universe will bestow you with everything you need : money, helping hands, love, freindship, inspiration, support. All you need to accomplish your divine task on earth will be handed to you. And you will receive the gifts of the universe : not only spiritual ones but very tangibles ones, like money, help, health, a house, friendship, love.

What a pity that the biggest part of humanity still thinks they have to suffer and to work hard to survive. This belief goes right against the universal laws of abundance, easiness, lightness and joy. Look at nature : does nature “work hard” and suffer to grow trees and flowers? Do fish try to swim? Does the sun suffer to give us warmth and light? Nothing in nature complains or suffers. We humans, we think not right. Our thoughts about work and happiness are wrong. Look around you and you see prove everywhere.

It is all so easy : your mission on earth is your passion. You just have to do what makes you most happy and that will bring you the most energy, money, success and health.

You know you are following the right path if you feel passionate and enthusiastic. If you feel joy doing what you do, then you are on track. If it is natural and easy for you, that is it! No need to look further!

You are off the track if you : are tired, depressed, feel emptiness inside, feel often irritated and ennoyed, have a lot of physical pain, are harassed by a thousand questions in your head, can not find sleep easily, feel angry, feel lost, hate your job, have a lot of negative thoughts, turn around in circles, are getting nowhere, hate to get out of bed in the morning, wonder why you came on earth, don’t know what boosts your enthusiasm, tend to drink to forget, feel sorrow and melancholy, complain a lot, feel unfulfilled, are asking yourself what is the use of your job….

If you want to find your calling (it is the only path to happiness, success and fulfillment) you have to actively look for it. Your mission will not knock on your door neither will it be found through intellectual analysis. You will have to look for your mission inside yourself. It is hidden in your dreams. The shortest way to your mission is to follow your bliss.

If you are like most of us, you will need help to discover your mission. I needed help too. I know the difference between not following my mission (I had all the symptoms above plus I was an abonnee at the hospital, always with deadly diseases, but I survived them all and thank God and myself I finally found my purpose in life!) and following my mission (no doctor gets to see me anymore, I feel full of life, energy, happiness, enthusiasm and joy, and guess what : health and wealth became my mates!)

So if you don’t know what your mission is, don’t worry, you’re not abnormal. In fact a mission unfolds itself if we take our dreams seriously. I made a workbook with 44 exercices to guide you to the discovery of your purpose, the greatest treasure of your life. Click here and jump right ahead into the land of enthusiasm and happiness. Enthusiasm, wealth and energy are waiting right behind the corner!

If you want to find out WHO you are and WHY you are here, don't search any longer but find your answers right here: "What is the purpose of your life?"

Learn how to create your succes and how to free your potential, doing the 53 exercices in this encyclopedia of success: "Free your potential and create success!"


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