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Are you satisfied with your life?

Your mission gives meaning to your life.

If it is satisfaction you are looking for, then know that you can only find it in the things you offer to one another, and not through what you expect others to give you.

The question is not: “What does life have to offer me?” but rather “What do I have to offer life?” The answer to this question is not something abstract. The answer is your mission on earth.Your mission is quite concrete, with well-defined endeavors.

Your mission gives meaning to your life.
Your mission IS your very reason for existence.

It is the calling of your Soul.

Your mission has been set before you were born. You can see it as a contract between your soul and your persona. Even before you were born, you were already destined to be somebody and do something with your life. Your Soul is calling. You have been given life, and life would like you to give something in return.

Morally speaking you are obliged to give something back to the life that has been given to you. You can give back to life by giving meaning to life, by serving others.

But be careful here! You don't need to help everyone all the time in all circumstances. No! This will only lead you to a nervous breakdown and a burn-out. You have to discover your own unique talents and THOSE you need to offer to the world, to those who will be put on your path because they need exactly your talents.

Make your talents available for others to enjoy and you will enrich the universe, delivering an essential and unique contribution – yours!

You are not alone in this search. Your mission is also looking for you. It wants to be fulfilled by you and by nobody else. It is your personal mission. Nobody else is equipped to do it for you. Your mission will keep haunting you until you take it seriously and start implementing it. You will feel this as a restless feeling of inner agitation. Like as if something pulls you inside. It is your Soul, wanting you to do what you came here for.

Going against your mission is going against yourself. This is the same as ignoring the call of your Soul, as ignoring your strongest desires, as signing a contract for eternal discontent…

You can’t escape your mission. One day you will have to start dedicating yourself to it. Maybe this day has come for you now. After all, you are reading these lines which shows your honest desire to start looking for the deeper meaning of your being.

I made up a practical do-it-yourself program, guiding you step by step and allowing you to answer all questions regarding your mission. The 44 written exercises offered in this course are your roadmap on the adventurous journey to your self.

Consider it an adventure, a guided trip towards better knowledge of your self and who you really are.

Practically speaking, this means you will discover your personality, your fatal misconceptions, your true nature, your strong assets and your key talents. The central question in your life will be uncovered, also by looking at your relationship with your parents. You will uncover your type, the magical turning points of your life and your success formula.

Once you have formulated your mission, you will be asked to conceive a plan to go about fulfilling this mission, and some criteria of success as points of reference.

If you feel still restless inside you, if you are not satisfied with your life, why wait any longer to find out what will bring you deep satisfaction and the feeling that you finally are on track with your life. Find your answers here

If you want to find out WHO you are and WHY you are here, don't search any longer but find your answers right here: "What is the purpose of your life?"

Learn how to create your succes and how to free your potential, doing the 53 exercices in this encyclopedia of success: "Free your potential and create success!"



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