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8 steps to get rid of your fear of lack

How to get rid of your fear of not having enough (money).

If you are worried not to be able to live from your passion, if you associate following your mission with poverty, then you need to read this article. Following your mission on earth, your inner passion, means you will have everything it takes to accomplish it, even money.
Follow these 8 steps thoroughly if you want to get rid of your fear of not having enough and finally dare to follow the path of your inner calling.

1. Define your natural interest

To be successful, you have to specialize in something that completely fascinates you. This must be an activity that you were already interested in as a child and that feels very natural for you. As a child, what did you like to do, what could you get done without effort, what was it that captured your innate, natural interest? Write a paragraph about your natural interests.

2. Decide the scope of your vision

What do you really want? What is your dream? Is this your biggest dream, or can you dream bigger? Will you stop there?
Do you want to open a big store, or a store chain? Do you want to teach small groups, or share your knowledge with the big public through conferences and books? How many clients would you like to have every week? What sales numbers do you want to realize?
Write down the scope of your vision.

3. Be aware of your financial history

Examine your own financial history. Try to find a recurring theme in it. Become aware of your attitude towards your financial situation and correct this attitude if necessary.
Write down your financial history, your cash flow. When did you have money? What did you do with it? When did you run out of money? What did you do at that time?
Is there progress in your financial situation? What is the actual situation you find yourself in? Write further and fill in the gap of the future. What will your financial situation look like 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 20 years from now?

4. Set the level of your self-esteem

Your success will reflect your self-esteem. A low self-esteem equals a low income. Increase your self-esteem in order to increase the health of your bank account.
Describe what you think of yourself. What value do you grant yourself? If you had to grade your self-esteem on a scale of 0 to 10, where will it stand? What can you do to improve your self-esteem?

5. Beware of promotion at any cost

A promotion is not always a good thing; you might get to a level beyond what you really want to do, beyond your natural talents. You will lose your energy as well as your money, as these two are strongly linked!
Are you in the right place? With your goal in mind, are you at the right level according to your abilities and your desires?

6. Get mastery

Once your goal is determined, you have to become a master through learning and discipline.
In the field of your choice, there are already experts that can teach you and help you.
What do you need to learn to reach your goal? What type of training, seminars or school will you attend to become an expert in your field? How could you improve your knowledge of your product, of the relevant market and of your target audience?

7. Surround yourself with successful people

Watch successful people and learn from them! Do not surround yourself with people who sit around and complain, blaming others for their misery, not taking any action to change their lives. Do not hang out with people who make you have doubts about yourself and your abilities, and who drain your energy causing you to stay at their low level. Do not hang out with people who make you feel guilty. They are angry vampires who need your energy to feed themselves. You will always feel empty after spending time with them.
Look for the company of people that make you feel good, who increase your energy level, who stimulate you, who are happy about your success and who know how to reach success in their own lives.
Make a list of people who make you feel down, take your energy away from you and make you doubt yourself. Make another list of people who believe in you, help you and give you more energy.

8. Invest yourself totally

If you wish to reach a goal without getting completely involved, you will not get very far.
Make a list of your mid-term and long-term goals. Write next to everyone of them the percentage of involvement you are willing to invest in order to reach your goals:

With a positive mindset, clear goals, your obstacles removed and a persistent effort to stay focused on your goal, you WILL reach it and get financial success with it. Go through these nine steps on a regular base and create your own financial success.

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