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Drop the drama of ‘someone special'. Be free from searching for love. (28/07/15)

Free from looking for love. The only thing that really hurts.

To feel Love for everything there is. The sea, wind, sun, sand, screaming children, salty water, foaming waves, pebbles in the sand, fresh chilled white wine, singing birds, chirping crickets, bathing in delicious water, resting in the shade of a tree, a “café frappé", the fantastic book of Kryeon about the Akashic records, a ride home on the motorbike, coming home to my paradise, looking out over the hills and the endless blue sea, watching the majestic island across the water, the golden sunset, tasting fresh nuts and fruits on the table, another fresh chilled white wine, sharing deep conversations with my loved ones, with that one person that is called ‘the partner’.

That one person is not the source of all this intense beauty and love, but the one with whom we share, or rather multiply, our universal love. Someone who vibrates on the same wavelength. Who understands what you mean. Who loves you as you are. Who thinks you’re a wonderful human being. Because you are beautiful. Not because you're physically beautiful (that too), but just because you are God's Creation. Just like all the rest. Like the sea, the sun, the sand, the beach, the children, the water, the waves, the pebbles, the wine, the birds, the crickets, the trees, the coffee, the book, the motorbike, the hills, the sea, the island, the sunset, the nuts and the fruits, all the people and also that one, that ‘special’ one. That one is not the source of all this beauty. He or she is not the reason or the cause of all that love. He or she is not the reason why you feel so loving. No.

You feel so full of love because you open up your own deep true nature. You can easily replace the word “love” with joy, enthusiasm, energy, peace, happiness, or whatever you want because it's all the same. You are Love (joy, happiness, etc.). Nothing else. When you return to that simple and only truth, then you realize that you ARE love in every cell of your body, for all eternity, in everything you ever were and ever will be, in everything you ever did and ever will do, at all the places you've ever been and will ever go. If you realize that you ARE love, then everything you say, do, give or perform, will come out of that love. And there is that one person - our closest relationship - who is so lucky to stand so close and to enjoy it. He or she is not the source of those feelings. Maybe he arouses the love in you, but he is not the source of it. He can intensify the love you already are. And vice versa. Then we intensify each other's love field and we radiate more love energy to everything around us.

Whether that someone is with you or not, it does not matter. Your feelings of intense beauty, love and goodness don’t change an ounce if there is this "one" person to share it with, or not. That does not matter. It is more fun to share with someone, or multiply the love you feel, but in itself it does not matter. You feel love for everything and everyone. That one person is just part of it. No more, no less. He or she is not the source of your love, he or she is the recipient of it, the reception antenna, the satellite plate. You're also a satellite, which captures the love and beauty of all creation through your antenna. You radiate it out through your plate. That one person is very close to you and captures most of your radiance, but this takes nothing away from the amount of love that you radiate for all and everything around you. Just because you walk in the sunlight doesn’t take sunlight away from others! It is not because that one person is close to you and captures more of your light that there would be less for others who meet you.

If there is no such person in your life for the moment, if you are Al-One, if you are not in a relationship now, please realize this changes nothing to your capacity to absorb the love of the Whole Universe, to radiate it around you, and to feel it go through you. This is between you and the Universe, between you and God. This has nothing to do with a significant other. You get it? So drop the drama of not being with ‘someone’ or thinking you are not normal because you live alone (All One) with All the Love there is.

It is crucial to understand that your love does not come from a man or a woman, but from God, the Universe, Your Higher Self. You are made of love. You can only be love. Everything else is storytelling  you use to play victim. Useless! Everything else is a series of wrong beliefs they once put in your head. Wrong thoughts and false beliefs about how bad or inadequate you are. You started to believe that you were not good enough, and this is the only thing that ever hurt you. Not the fact that a person left you, even not for another. The only thing that really hurts is the belief that we are not good enough. It is a wrong notion. The only truth is that you are love, and the faster you'll re-member this profound truth, the sooner you will feel deeply and constantly happy. The deeper you realize that you are born out of love, forever and forever, and that you only can BE Love, because this is your True Nature ... the better you'll also realize that pain and misery are based on false beliefs about who you think you are .

Love for all. Love in everything. That is the truth. You are love. All the rest is bullshit. Instead of thinking about who you are, analyze it endlessly, and take personality tests to end up in statistics, you should immediately stop filling in the dots, as the "I am ..." Say now "I am!" And if you do want to fill in the dots, say: "I am love."

And then, you can fully immerse yourself in this love. Nothing has to change. The people around you can do what they want. You have no control over it anyway. Go deep into your core essence "I am love" and nothing else matters. Feel it in the cells of your body, in your soul, in your body, in your heart. And enjoy it. If you realize that you ARE love, you no longer need to look for love in the outside world, and you are free. Free from seeking attention and appreciation. Free from the pursuit of profit and pleasure. Free from victimization and pain. Free from searching for truth. You're the truth. Free from looking for love. You are but love, you know it all, and you can finally rest. And live.

Read more about love in my book “Will you always love me?”

Read more about love in my book “Will you always love me?”


Thank you for sharing your words and knowledge. It is all so simple in the end. I had an awakening experience two years ago that lasted for two weeks, after that I was in search to find it again, now it is back with much more awareness. Thank you for reminding, it is empowering, it is great to remember it again! Lots love and kindness to you, Selene

Selene R.

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