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Loneliness and company (04/08/15)

I like being alone and I love company

If I love myself, then I give myself the necessary rest, and then I choose experiences that deliver me (permanent) well-being. For example, I can choose, when I feel like it, not to go to a party or to a restaurant, or to go home earlier and give myself the needed rest.

If I need to take a nap during the day, I choose to retire for a moment, set myself apart from the crowd around me and connect with myself and my Higher Self, to be sure to stay on track. I don’t want to get lost in life, I don’t want to lose my purpose in life; therefore I need moments of silence. I choose to insert in every day a moment of silence, to retire into that inner place of peace where I am alone with the Universe, God; I'm All-One and I can feel the deep connection with the Infinite. After that time of silence, I feel refreshed and centered, ready to go back into 'the world'.

I love those moments alone. I love to be. I like being alone with myself. Paradoxically, when I am “alone”, I feel most “connected”! I love the silence, all alone with myself and the Universe. Completely letting go of what I want and being totally open to what wants to happen outside of my will and plans. Without any desire to change things. Apart from any urge to control. Apart from all the stress and planning. Apart from all the pressure. Apart from all that ‘should be done’ and ‘needs to be done’. Away from all expectations. Completely free and absorbed into “what is now”.

I also love company. I love relationships. I love my partner and children and friends. I love my family, neighbors and clients. I love myself in all my relationships. I take care of myself in my relationships. If I respect myself and my limits in my relationships, I can love others better and respect their boundaries too. If I pull myself back from talking when I'm tired and I need some time to myself, I am also authentic and fully present in the relationship. I can listen much more attentively to others when I carefully listen to myself. I can understand their needs as I understand mine. I love them because I love myself. I like everything and everyone. A wonderful inner state of being.


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