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A dignified existence and equality for everyone (01/07/15)

We write today the 1st of July 2015. A historic moment in the history of Europe, and perhaps the world. The monetary system is about to explode. Has to be, since it is a virtual construction of bubbles, and bubbles have the characteristic to explode at some point and disappear into nothingness. This will also happen with the mental inventions of our banking system and debt mountains and loans and interest, which are based entirely on air. On small numbers in a computer. That no longer are supported by money. It is a system that continues to expand exponentially into.... nothing. The Vacuum.

This leads nowhere. I have not the knowledge of an economist (perhaps luckily), but enough common sense to understand that a country like Greece, just to name one, can never pay off his debt. 240 million euros and more. Never ever a country can pay off this amount. And to whom? To whom does it owe so much money? An institution? Which one? That same institution, indicated with a few letters as an abbreviation of names that we do not understand, lends money to reclaim it back and then double thick. This absurd system leads to its own demise. This can not be continued into infinity. This system is itself unsustainable. Look at the panic that broke out in the banks today: they keep the doors closed because of the queues of people outside who want to collect their own money, their savings, money that they thought secure in the bank, but the bank simpy does not have their money, because it outsourced this money long before. Outsourced to what? The purchase of weapons? To finance wars? Where is that money going? Does that money even exist? We're all trapped in a giant bubble.

What is the way out? Certainly not panic! Certainly not more loans or borrow more money. How absurd as the 'institutions' might lend more money to Greece, money which Greece promptly has to pay back with big fat intrest to ... the same 'institutions'. How ridiculous is that? Or should I say, sick? And who benefits from this? Certainly not the ordinary people. Their pension and wage has been halved. They try to survive on a pension sometimes as small as the rent of their small apartment. Their grown up children feed them. Fortunately, the Greeks still maintain the culture to help each other and take care of their parents, in stead of put them away in nursing homes as we do.

I hope the Greeks on Sunday will vote 'no' against any more of these absurd measures that will make sure that Europe's stranglehold on their dignity will become even tighter. Is the aim to suffocate the country and its people? Greece is the cradle of our culture. The founder of democracy. How ironic that the same country now must fight to keep its democratic system alive and not to succumb to the massive (debt) burden that the system imposes on them.

I hear other voices that indicate poor management of state money in Greece. That may be true, I am not an economist. But the debt is so huge that it never ever can be redeemed. Ditto for the debt burden in African countries. And others. What's the point of wanting to maintain something that does not work? To want to push through an ill absurd system? As if you would want to add cancer cells to a body that is already overwhelmed with it and ill. How sick is it to want to increase a disease that you have created as a system, and to want to make things worse by proposingthe same disease as solution?!  Who still believes that? How ironic and sick is that?

I plead for political courage and the insertion of spirituality in the management of the world. Let us all together waive the debts of everyone. Okay, that will raise many 'whaaoooooh's' what I write here now, but what is the alternative? Let's do a global 'reset', put the counter to zero and allow each country to figure out how it goes from here. With its own resources, with its own manpower, with his women power, with his own nature. Each country should find its own balance, and then share this with all other countries. Let's do a big act of forgiveness for bad management. Which country can claim a good management? Let's stop pointing others with the finger. Let us all forgive others and ourselves and just let go of the debts and start all over, brand new and fresh, with the genius ideas of those young people who have a vision for this world.

There are healthy and viable models enough on this planet that support wholesome and loving life together. There is enough food and money to give everyone a worthwhile existence. Is this not the time to proceed to a redistribution of all raw materials and to come to a dignified existence and equality for everyone?

Be brave Greek people. You have often proved in the past how strong you are. You create democracy and many other valuable models. This is another historic moment which - I hope - can give a new start to the whole world . Stop the repression, stop the money-grubbers, stop the manipulation. Yes to the true values ​​of life: respect, helping, sharing, listening, balance, love, support.

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