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You did not live in vain. You did not die for nothing. (04/08/15)

In the newspaper we read: "Last month the famous Lion of Zimbabwe, Cecil, was shot and killed. He lived in a national park where hunting is prohibited. The hunters first lured the lion from its habitat with food, then hit Cecil first with bow and arrow. When the lion survived that, he was chased for 40 hours and was finally killed with a gunshot. Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, paid $ 54,000 for the hunt. "

There are several things in the story I do not understand:
1. Why does a man do something that is absolutely forbidden? What's the fun?
2. Why would a man kill a lion? Where's the fun?
3. Why would a human kill any animal? What's fun about that?
4. But worst of all, how can a man choose to pay 54,000 dollars to kill a lion, knowing that he could feed hundreds of families with children with this amount of money?

Can someone explain this to me? Apparently there are still people walking around without a shred of conscience? This goes beyond my understanding. In this Internet age, everyone is aware of everything, including the fact that lions are living creatures (how ridiculous it sounds to write this down), the fact that child poverty is increasing and that hunting in this area of Zimbabwe is prohibited ... and yet, and yet, this man worked so hard to:

1. throw in $ 54,000 for this
2. lure Cecil first with food from its habitat
3. first try to finish off the lion with bow and arrow
4. then chase the lion for another 40 hours (!!) until he gave the final shot in its neck.

Would this man also go through so much trouble for a noble cause?

Why does someone do something like that? What are the intentions of such a person? I do not get it. If you have an ounce of compassion, you don’t do such thing! If you have an ounce of love in your heart, you don’t.  If you have a quarter of an ounce of respect for nature flowing through your veins, you don’t.

But I am sure that Cecil did not die for nothing. He was a lion with a mission: to open the consciousness of hundreds of thousands of people in the world for more compassion and respect for nature and its living beings. Cecil had a mission. He gave his life for it. Thank you for your beautiful life, beautiful lion. You will live on in the minds of so many who previously did not know you. You did not live in vain. You did not die for nothing. Let us learn a lesson here.

And let's make sure to apply this lesson to this man who killed Cecil. Let us think of him with a nobler energy than the one he used to chase the lion until his death. It is not about revenge, but about mind expansion. This man is not supposed to be hunted; we must not condemn and play judge. Justice is done at a different level than we might think. It’s not our business. We must be careful not to fall into the same low energy vibes by condemning and hunting this man as the energy he dwelled in when hunting the lion. Then we are not any better than him.

Instead of hating him, let us feel compassion. And apply Ho'oponopono and say "sorry that we, with our consciousness, still generate such kind of acts; please forgive us for that; thank you to show us this and therefore we love you." Should this man be punished? His punishment is not our business. His actions will, in any case, have consequences on many levels. Perhaps this man and his actions were necessary to make us realize how arrogant we are when we treat other living beings.

Our business now is how we deal with this situation: with an equally low awareness as the one who chased and killed another living being or with a nobler consciousness that understands that we are all co-creators of this situation. Let us respond with compassion instead of revenge.  The choice is to be made by each of us. And this conscious choice of reaction will change the vibes of the whole planet into more compassion for all and everyone, human or animal.

Let this be yet another invitation to raise our consciousness to noble heights.

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