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Our life is a play in the big cosmic theatre. When we are assuming the role designed for us, we feel happy and we have that inner knowledge that everything is right. We play our role without questioning, we feel great doing our part of the game and we are simply brillant in our role!

But when we are playing the wrong role things get ugly. Your soul suffers if you do not play the role designed for you. You feel this inner distortion when you never find your purpose in life. You are aware that things are not right. You are not doing the right thing; you are not at the right place and not with the right people. You feel like a stranger to yourself. You wonder all the time where is your real assignment.

You are a divine creature who is living a body experience for a certain period of time. This experience in the body is necessary to accomplish your mission on earth. You were sent here with a special assignment. This is the meaning of your life!

It is your responsibility to discover your mission and to accomplish it. Your soul knows what it is, this special assignment. Your soul will do whatever she can to remind you of your mission.

When you are doing something that has directly to do with your mission, your soul will make you feel happy and full of joy and energy. When you are doing things that have nothing to do with your special assignment on earth, your soul will make you feel miserable, empty, tired, physically ill, depressed and alone. The signs are crystal clear!

Do you remember the game we used to play when we were kids? You had to go outside while your friends were hiding an object in the room. When you came back in you had to find the hidden object. To know if you were close, they cried “warm, hot, very hot...” This was the code for letting you know if you were heading in the right direction. The closer you came the harder they cried “hot, hot, you will get burned now!” If you went in the wrong direction they said with a sad voice “cold, cold, freezing”.

The soul plays the same game with you. The closer you get to your mission, the happier, the more enthusiastic and energetic you will feel (the warmer it will become around your heart). If you head in the wrong direction, the more depressed and empty you will feel (the colder you will feel).

Your mission is waiting for you to find it. See it as a cosmic game. Before coming to earth you agree which mission you will accomplish. Your equipment is given to you, so you will possess all the talents needed to fulfill your divine task. Then you come to earth, and to make it funny, you forget about your mission. Now it’s up to you to find it.

All along the way there are signposts. The signposts pointing you in the right direction are : your talents, your dreams, your passions, your natural interests, what makes you crying of joy, what makes you angry, what is your spontaneous interest, what subjects in life do you want to explore and so on…. The answers to all these questions are hints helping you find your mission quickly.

There are also signposts pointing you into the wrong direction. These signs show you when you are on the wrong path: going to work just for the money, doing things because you have to, every place or activity that does not bring you fun, everything that drags your energy down, illness, lack of energy, worries, lack of fun, insomnia, anger, frustration, misery, lack of enthusiasm, lack of passion, living like a robot, being harrassed by unceasing questions about the meaning of life, fatigue, depression… These are all syptoms of being off the track!

Once you find your mission, something amazing happens! You will not only find a golden box with your mission in it, you will receive much more! Inside the box you will find all the bonusses of life: freedom, love, happiness, wealth, health, abundance, inspiration, friendship, clients, customers, and so on ….

The only thing YOU have to do is to stop your miserable way of living and to start the journey of discovery of yourself. It is FUN! The journey is fun, the mission is fun, and you won’t believe your eyes once you find your mission and you take it home with you.

The energy and the joy that are IN the package are so tremendous that they will touch whoever gets in contact with you. You will find so much bliss that your body will be too tiny to contain it all. That is the point where you start to shine like a brillant gemstone. Your mission has bliss in it. Accomplishing your mission will make you glow like the stars in the firmament.

Since your mission has BLISS in it, the easiest and quickest way to find your mission is to follow your BLISS!

After this journey of discovery (which you have to do only ONCE in a lifetime), you will live to your greatest potential. Nothing will be the same as before. You will be uplifted to a higher level of energy and vibration. You will attract automatically the people and the circumstances you need to fulfill your mission. You will grow graciously; you will unfold your own magnificence and succeed without effort. You are now aligned to the mystic powers of the universe that become available to you. You have so much more fun, happiness and wealth that you will ask yourself this only and one question: how did I possible manage to live before?

There is a PLAN behind all this mission-stuff. There is a cosmic game unfolding. We don’t understand all the details yet, but searching and fulfilling our mission brings us a big step closer to the brillant plan of the universe. We feel fun, we are in the game, we play and we receive the entire abundance universe always wanted to give us. We only had to go to the right place. Love, energy, money, wealth and health were always there, waiting for us inside the package of our mission. Once the package found and unwrapped, all those heavenly presents flow into our lives.

What could be more beautiful?

Ineke Van Lint is the Mission Expert. In no time she will guide you straight to your own unique assignment on earth. Find the meaning of your life now! Go to and start reading the free e-course about the purpose of your life and sign up for the free inspirational quotes. You are unique! Your life is as important as that of everyone else.

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This is amazing. I am so happy to have been in contact with this message today I have learned most vital information about my existence here on earth and the signpost I should avoid.

Lokili Seraphine Bume

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