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Light, Everywhere and Always (27/12/15)

Christmas time: a time of lights. Lights on the Christmas tree, lights on the table, lights on the front of the house. Lights everywhere. A sea of lights. To brighten up the darkest time of the year. To bring light into the darkness. But above all, as a symbol of the light that we must find (again) within us and let shine.

All this sparkling brilliance on the outside is a symbol of the wonderful creatures that we are inside. We have forgotten that and, as we so often do, we project that on something outside of us. Our own light is now multiplied, projected and reflected in all the sparkling lights around us and in the flicker of the candle flames that illuminate our living rooms. We gather as a family around all these lights.

Now, if we return this projection inside and shine the light in ourselves... The darkness in ourselves will be dispelled by our shining light and by our dare to shine as we are. Shining the light in ourselves by lovingly forgiving those who hurt us and made it a little darker in our heart. Shedding light on our divine origin, our spiritual glory. This is the meaning of all the flickering lights: to remind us that we are Light, that we come from Light and we are made of Light.

We have the power to eliminate the darkness that surrounds us and that we create in our hearts, and that is reflected to us by hate and wars in the outside world, by shining light over it. You can illuminate a dark room in an instant by switching on a lamp or lighting a candle. However, a bright room full of light cannot be darkened by one single object. Light is much more powerful than darkness. One small ray of sun can transform your room and your mood.

In this Christmas time, let us shine a multitude of little rays of light in our hearts and radiate them around everyone. This is the true meaning of Christmas with its enchanting light show.

I wish all of you a glittering Christmas and New Year. Most important: turn on the light in yourself. Then you can always have it with you and spread it; you don’t have to wait until the next Christmas or until it is dark again to surround yourself with light. If you shine, there will be light everywhere you go. You bring it with you. Then, you no longer need Christmas time to remember that you are Light. A brillant light! Shine your own inner light and be (a) light for everyone you meet. Light the fire in others by shining yourself. If everyone on this planet does that, we will be immersed in an ocean of Light, and darkness will not stand a chance.

Shine, Light people!


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