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A new way of Being (02/01/16)


Let's sing all together again

Instead of suppressing our feelings.

Let's dance all together again

Instead of hiding behind our barricades.

Let's laugh all together again

And let out exuberant laughs.

Let's forgive each other

And spread love and attention around.

Even to those who have hurt us

Instead of cursing them to the moon.

Let us learn to let go all together

Instead of tripping over other people's bones.

Let all of us shine our light

Instead of disappearing each in a corner.

Let us all celebrate life

People, nature, plants, animals.

Let us all glorify life

And leave nobody out of our embrace.

Let us love all together

And never, never let our love fade away.

Let us make amends, time and again, to everyone

Instead of always draining ourselves with old grievances.

Let's jump all together with joy

Instead of competing for other people's attention.

Let's connect all together again

Instead of always closing in.

Let's feel the love together

Instead of stirring old injuries.

Let us always envision the best together

And look at each other with compassion.

Let us all simply do our best

Instead of wasting our time gossiping.

Let us turn our attention to each other

So that our soul can perform its work.

Let us all pursue our Highest Goal

And allow everyone and all things to live in Dignity.

Let's all shine as one single, great Light.

Focus on what you wish for

And not on what hurts you.

All that happened in the past

Declare it forfeited.

Begin with a new, clean slate

With only one word on it: YOU.

Because YOU are the designer of your life

Whether you believe it or not, it is so.

You choose where you focus your attention

On darkness or on Light.

Where you look

Is what you receive.

Do you want heaven on Earth?

Then choose the Highest Value.

Do you want hell?

You will receive it soon!

All you need to do is look

At all the signs

Of misery and injustice

So, you make them real

And you can say, "See?

This is truly hell!"

However, dear friend, you must realize

That it began with your own wish

To look at what you condemn

You made it reality.

Go back to peace

And so you will help creating

A new way of Being

In which all, small and great

Are connected in Love

So, everyone is your 'beloved'

And you can stop the search

For the one and only who can make you happy.

You do it all yourself

You are the Love!

Enjoy your life


You are

Or whomever you know

You are worth it

Here on Earth

To be as you are

Even if you were ignored

Now it's up to you

To love yourself

Make this your goal

To take with you

In 2016

And let everyone see

That you now love yourself

Just like me: I love you!

And so I shall end this simple poem.

All the best, dear Soul friend

This is my New Year's wish for you.










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