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We are co-creators of war and peace on the world stage (01/07/15)

If there is war anywhere on this planet, I haven't yet found peace within myself and with the people surrounding me. And only I can create peace.

If there are still battles somewhere in the world, it reflects the battles I have still with myself and with others from my surroundings. And only I can commit to create peace.

If somewhere on the world stage people or nations are arguing, it means that I still create quarrels with my family, neighbors or myself. Here I have all the power to create peace.

If I create peace around me, wherever I am, where I live, with those who live around me, I radiate peace. If everyone does that, wherever he is, where he lives, there is peace.

If everyone takes responsibility to make peace with his neighbors, his family, his colleagues, then immediately we will see it reflected in the world peace!

If anyone would even deal with his own affairs, and would stop interfering with one another, then there would be a much better outlook at the global level.

Because what I do for myself and my immediate environment, has the same effect as a stone that you throw in the water: the ripple effect goes on and on. You don't know how far the impact of your actions reaches, but it goes very far. The proof? Look at the wars! We have helped to create them by our quarrels indoors, even if it seems a 'far away of my bed'show. We are the co-creators of disharmony and war on the world stage, because we create disharmony and war in our homes and immediate surroundings.

What can we do? Create peace wherever we are! And say, along the lines of Ho'oponopono:

Forgive me that I am partly the cause of unrest and disharmony in the world.

Thank you, wars and fights, murderers and terrorists, to show me this.

I'm sorry that I make part of it by my own behavior.

I love peace and commit to create peace wherever I am.

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