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Purpose in life and mission

  • Are you satisfied with your life? Your mission gives meaning to your life. If it is satisfaction you are looking for, then know that you can only find it in the things you offer to one another, and not thro... Read more →

  • What is your calling? Your calling is your highest purpose on earth. Your calling is not merely a job or a profession, but it means your highest purpose on earth. Does everyone has a calling ... Read more →

  • Don't imitate others, dare to be yourself Be yourself so be happy! There’s no need for you to imitate anybody else; they already exist. Do you want to be just like your colleague? If the Creator wanted two id... Read more →

  • It’s Your Job To Live Your Real Life Are you living your best Life? If you haven’t decided yet what your mission is and what it is you want to realize in this life, then you are wasting time and energy o... Read more →

  • 10 Tips to Boost your Enthusiasm Enhance your enthusiasm with these tips. Enthusiasm is the highest level of energy we can experience as human beings here on earth. It can be felt by anyone who discovers h... Read more →

  • Characteristics of successful people What does a happy successful person looks like. Enthusiasm is passion. Enthusiasm is living your dream. Enthusiasm is a divine energy you will feel as a reward for pursuing... Read more →

  • 10 misconceptions about your mission on earth What your mission is and is not. You were sent to earth with a mission to fulfill. This mission has to do with your passion. If you want to be happy and fulfilled with enth... Read more →

  • Why should you Find Your Life’s Purpose? Who are you and why are you here? Many spiritual traditions revolve around one central question: “Who am I ?” Even the business world ponders this crucial ma... Read more →