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In this section you can read a variety of articles about love, success, achieving your goals, raising children, positive attitude and the meaning of your life. If you want to read more about these subjects, you also can purchase one of my books.

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  • We don't need love, we don't need a lover As long we believe love should come from another, we will be unhappy. As a true product of this society and a victim of its conditioning, you are certainly searching for lo... Read more →

  • Love: a killing game or a source of pleasure? Love should be pleasure, not war. Why do so many relationships fall into monotony after a while, ending up like crumpled leaves hanging from a dead tree? Why is it so ... Read more →

  • Why do we hurt most those we love and how to stop this? Stop hurting those you love. You love each other but can’t manage to communicate without arguing, fighting and ending up exhausted, each one in his corner, trying to ... Read more →

  • Do what feels good and find freedom A thought is energy. Energy always wants to manifest itself! Energy can not be stocked or blocked. It will get out anyway. If you do something to prevent your energy from f... Read more →

  • To end or not to end a relationship When should you end your relationship. You’re wondering if you want to stay with your partner. You feel lonely, misunderstood, frustrated, and you’re not sure h... Read more →

  • 5 steps to end emotional terrorism in your relationship If you have to do with an emotional vampire. When you have a relationship, at home or at work, with a person who’s constantly humiliating you, harassing you, pressuri... Read more →

  • Learn how to love yourself Treat your inner child with love. I’m sure you read a lot of times this sentence : you need first to love yourself. But what does that mean? Is it about getting you ... Read more →

  • Attract love into your life You can do a lot to feel loved. So many people are complaining about the lack of love in their life. They act as if some stranger decided one day to take away the love out ... Read more →

Success and goal setting

  • 8 steps to get rid of your fear of lack How to get rid of your fear of not having enough (money). If you are worried not to be able to live from your passion, if you associate following your mission with poverty,... Read more →

  • Characteristics of successful people This is what a successful person looks like. Enthusiasm is passion. Enthusiasm is living your dream. Enthusiasm is a divine energy you will feel as a reward for pursuing yo... Read more →

  • Stop doing what does not work for you In order to be successful, do what works and stop what doesn't. In order to get these juices flowing, you have to stop doing what does not work for you. Stop doing all ... Read more →

  • Your Dreams are the Core Essence of Your Life Follow your dreams and you will be happy. "A very powerful message. I am insipired to live my dream. One critic if I may - I'd align the meaning of dream with hope... Read more →

  • Think succes and you will have success! Those who fail, follow the laws of failure. Those who succeed, follow the laws of success. It is impossible to reach success with a scheme of failure thoughts in your mind... Read more →

  • The Eleven Habits Of Successful People Make a habit of being successful. Successful people are people who have creative habits for success. People who are not successful are people who have miserable habits t... Read more →

  • 5 steps to success in everything you do Success is guaranteed if you follow those 5 steps! If you follow these 5 steps, no doubt you will get everything you want! What you need first is to have a strong des... Read more →

Raising kids

  • Teach your children to respect you How to get the respect of your children. The most important value you will ever teach your children is: to respect their parents. And since you cannot pass anything on that... Read more →

Positive energy

  • We are co-creators of war and peace! If there is war anywhere on this planet, I haven't yet found peace within myself and with the people surrounding me. And only I can create peace. If there are still battles... Read more →

  • Positive Thinking - interview In this article you can read an in-depth interview with Ineke Van Lint about Positive Thinking

  • Enthusiasm: pure divine energy! Find your passion in order to feel great! Enthusiasm is one of the most divine feelings we can experience. It is energy vibrating at the highest level, energy vibrating in ... Read more →

  • Lower and higher vibrations. Boost your energy level. Many people are living a life of sadness, despair, fear and anger. Why? Because they think that’s just the way life is, and they should accep... Read more →

  • You Are Like a Tram: You Should Be On The Right Rail To Get Energy! You must be on the right rail to receive energy! As long as a tram, how beautiful and modern he is, is NOT on the rails, he won’t get any electricity to help him move... Read more →

  • The power of your thoughts The greatest power you have is the power of your thoughts. There is an Intelligence inside us that can elevate our life at the highest level. Everyone should learn to co... Read more →

  • Life is wonderful Reprogram yourself in a positive way. It is so simple and so easy to get what we want that we have a hard time to believe it. We are programmed to do things the hard and di... Read more →

  • Giving is the only fail-safe way to make sure you receive! Give what you want to receive! If you are like most people, then you too have this strange tendency to wait for others to fill in your needs. This pattern of “waiting... Read more →

  • You get what you ask for In life we get what we THINK OF MOST. Now you surely say that it isn’t true. You say you ask for freedom and happiness and all you got was feeling imprisoned and bad.... Read more →

  • Activate the energy of the universe How you can make the energy flow in your life. You can just activate the universal energy, which exists always and will always exist. This Energy gave you life. It’s... Read more →

Purpose in life and mission

  • Are you satisfied with your life? Your mission gives meaning to your life. If it is satisfaction you are looking for, then know that you can only find it in the things you offer to one another, and not thro... Read more →

  • What is your calling? Your calling is your highest purpose on earth. Your calling is not merely a job or a profession, but it means your highest purpose on earth. Does everyone has a calling ... Read more →

  • Don't imitate others, dare to be yourself Be yourself so be happy! There’s no need for you to imitate anybody else; they already exist. Do you want to be just like your colleague? If the Creator wanted two id... Read more →

  • It’s Your Job To Live Your Real Life Are you living your best Life? If you haven’t decided yet what your mission is and what it is you want to realize in this life, then you are wasting time and energy o... Read more →

  • 10 Tips to Boost your Enthusiasm Enhance your enthusiasm with these tips. Enthusiasm is the highest level of energy we can experience as human beings here on earth. It can be felt by anyone who discovers h... Read more →

  • Characteristics of successful people What does a happy successful person looks like. Enthusiasm is passion. Enthusiasm is living your dream. Enthusiasm is a divine energy you will feel as a reward for pursuing... Read more →

  • 10 misconceptions about your mission on earth What your mission is and is not. You were sent to earth with a mission to fulfill. This mission has to do with your passion. If you want to be happy and fulfilled with enth... Read more →

  • Why should you Find Your Life’s Purpose? Who are you and why are you here? Many spiritual traditions revolve around one central question: “Who am I ?” Even the business world ponders this crucial ma... Read more →


  • Where is heaven on earth? Can we reach Heaven on earth? Heaven on earth, is it possible to reach it? Feeling extremely well, without no obvious reason, is it possible? Feeling in love with the whole... Read more →

  • Your Personal Happiness Formula Create Happiness On Purpose! Your life may seem difficult, heavy and meaningless. But at some point in your life, like everybody, you too have got moments where you were so... Read more →

  • Discover Your Talents And Be Happy offering Your Talents to others makes you happy Everything you need to live according to your true nature and to fulfill your mission on earth is already available to you, ... Read more →

  • Can You Decide To Be Happy ? Is it just fate or can you decide to be happy? Many people are living a life of sadness, despair, fear and anger, as if they were living in a basement with a very low ceili... Read more →

  • The six pillars of inner balance How to keep your equilibrium. Many people are building their inner balance and happiness on one single pillar. This is a dangerous situation! What’s going to sustain ... Read more →

  • Don’t get involved in other people’s problems or you'll get sick Try to control others and you will get ill. Let me give you a very effective recipe for “getting sick as soon as possible”: just go and try to fix other people&... Read more →