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FEAR CAN NEVER PROTECT US Massive threats. Heightened state of alert. Evacuating homes and neighborhoods and airports. Fear and terror everywhere. I've heard it too. The bloody senseless attacks in Paris. Of course I heard it. But have I seen it? No. I refuse to see the images. I do not watch the news. Once images are burned on my retina, I can’t detach them anymore. The images generate feeli...

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You never have to worry and wonder whether you have enough love

We are here on Earth to learn to love. That is not to say ‘to have a lover’! We need to learn how to love. Every relationship serves this purpose. Even when the relationship breaks up, it serves the same purpose. It makes no sense to complain and cry over the end of a relationship. What makes sense is to learn your lessons from your previous relationship. See it as a learning experience, see ...

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Drop the drama of ‘someone special'. Be free from searching for love.

Free from looking for love. The only thing that really hurts. To feel Love for everything there is. The sea, wind, sun, sand, screaming children, salty water, foaming waves, pebbles in the sand, fresh chilled white wine, singing birds, chirping crickets, bathing in delicious water, resting in the shade of a tree, a “café frappé", the fantastic book of Kryeon about the Akashic records, a rid...

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